F15 Weight control program

Forever F15

Right after the C9 detox course, the 15-day long FIT15 program will help you to loose weight. This is a strictly compiled, tested, well-functioning and effective program.

Your body gets every nutritions it needs during this 15 days course (including vitamins, aminos, minerals and fibers). Your body doesn’t starve so you can avoid the so called yo-yo effect.

A FIT F15 programnak van kezdő, középhaladó és haladó változata is.


Are you a newbie in the fitness universe? Start with the F15 Beginner 1 and 2. Learn the basics of fittness through simple exercises and cardio training. Build the basics with this easy to follow guidance. It also includes healthy recepies and practical advices about the healthy way of life.


Are you living an active way of life but still wanna boost it up? Choose the F15 Intermediate 1 and 2. F15 Intermediate program helps you to transform your body slimmer and more muscular. The package contains an agenda, the best weight control products, healthy recepies, personalised exercises, interval training and the special F.I.T. yoga. Learn more about the advantages of high intensity cardio training and how you can make the changes lasting (i.e. how to fight the appetite or learn about the importance of sleeping. Both are very important in the process of loosing weight.)


Finally, for those who are really active and are always in a search for a better program, here is F15 Advanced 1 and 2. Learn more about muscle-targeted exercises and advanced cardio training. Get familiar with the science of nutrition timing.

The program contains a detailed description about the daily routine, sport and dietetic advices and receipes.

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The box contains:

The leaf of the marvellous aloe vera contains more than 200 components. This gel is a result of our special patented process and is favoured by the people who want to maintain their energy level and the health of the digestive system.
FIt’s a protein-based special medical nutrition with vitamins, several minerals, sugar and sweeteners that are essential supplements of any obesity diet. Tastes like vanilla.
- Forever Fiber - 9 portions
Gluten free, water-soluble dietary supplement containing fibers.

- Forever Garcinia Plus - 54 capsules in blister
This dietary supplement contains chrome and GARCINIA CAMBOGIA extract.

- Forever Therm - 18 tablets in blister
This dietary supplement contains vitamins and herb extracts.
C, B6 and B12 vitamins take part in the energy product proccess and the metabolism of the cells. Vitamin C also protects the cells against oxidative stress.

Get familiar with the F.I.T. F15 program: dietetic guide and instructions, FOREVER LITE ULTRA shake receipes, training program, etc.

F15 Booklet Beginner PDF.
F15 Booklet Intermediate PDF.
F15 Booklet Advanced PDF.


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