How to use Clean 9

The Clean 9 is - as you'd expect - a 9 day nutrition program. All the details of what to take, when and how, come with the pack and the booklet in the pack. If you don't have the booklet you can can download it here.

How does the Clean 9 Work?

Firstly, pick a nine day sequence when you don’t have any parties or celebrations!

The nine days is then split into two parts

- an initial two days when you consume the protein and nutrition shakes as a food replacement, Therm tablets to beat your tea and coffee cravings in a naturally inspired way, plus Garcini to help beat the sweet-tooth carvings.

- followed by a further 7 days when you are allowed to eat a 600 calorie meal. However, if you are very active – a sports player or have an active job, such as gardening, then you might want to increase that to 1,000 calories.

Will I feel hungry during C9?

You may feel hungry, especially during the first two days. This is normal. Visit the free foods section on page 15. Skipping day one and two can impact your final results, but remember you can have the free foods on page 15. Symptoms such as headaches, low energy and gastrointestinal changes are normal during the reset phase.

Can I do it twice?

Yes, although twice and certainly more than twice is not normally recommended and you may achieve better results by continuing with the Forever F.I.T. 1 and then FIT 2 programme.

How does it work - scientifically

In the first two days we are living on a more or less liquid diet of high nutrition and low calories.

At the same time, we drink loads of Aloe Vera Gel to clean our system of toxins.

Now, Aloe Vera Gel has a history stretching back many thousands of years and has hundreds of studies - all of which show that high quality inner leaf gel is safe and effective in the vast majority of cases (exceptions include extremes - such as very heavy drug users - medical or recreational - who need to be more careful with the cleansing effect of the aloe vera).

In essence, the science to date explains it as follows; our fat cells become surrounded by toxins. These toxins come from our convenience or processed diets, toxins in the atmosphere, our homes, our cars and environment.

The 9 day cleanse works by stripping away those toxins such that the fat cells are then exposed and the body can now access this ‘food store’ for energy production (by converting to Glycogen etc...).

So, it seems that what we are really doing is losing toxins rather than fat cells.

The fat cells then get burnt up when we exercise (or exercise more) and over time - by following the Forever Forever F15 follow on weight management program.

Of course, whilst scientists and medics are still really only beginning to prove the effects of Aloe Vera, this hasn't stopped people benefiting from it for many thousands of years.